Canoeing the Winchester Wasteway (WA)
The Winchester Wasteway runs
through a desert, so channels can
change with time and weather. The
last section of the run is a Class 2
and some Russian Olive trees
have fallen across the river which
has created sweepers.  Portage will
be necessary in some areas.  This
can be a fast, narrow stretch of
water and inexperienced paddlers
or larger groups need to use
caution.  There is a beautiful
waterfall right before you enter the
reservoir so keep your eyes open
for it.  I have found this area to be
a great campsite. It is 8 -10 hours
to the Potholes Reservoir and
another 1-2 hours to the Potholes
State Park. Check out the
Frenchman Hills Wasteway for a
great day trip.