North Santiam River (OR)
The North Santiam is rapids and is
a fun river to spend the day.  I
floated from Santiam Park to The
North Santiam is Stayton and was
on the loaded with 1 & 2 class
water for about 6 hours.  There
are numerous put-in and take-out
points along the river, so float
times can be adjusted.  Bigger
whitewater fun can be had
between Packsaddle The river is
dotted with houses the whole
length of the river but they are far
enough apart to still give the river
a remote feel. There are several
diversion dams as you get closer
to Stayton so keep your eyes open
for them.  Overall it's a great river
to relaxes, work on canoeing skills,
and catch a few fish.