Roosevelt Elk
The Roosevelt Elk are common to the Northwest and is a magnificent animal to
watch. They are tan in color with a dark brown mane and a white rump.  A mature
bull can weigh as much as a 1000 lb., but average about 600 - 800 lb.  A herd of elk
will leave quite a bit of sign and tracks in an area so detecting them is not hard.  A
600 lb. elk makes a good print as it moves around.  Look for rubs made by bulls on
trees and brush in the fall as they prepare for battle but also in the early spring when
they have had enough of those giant antlers.  In the spring and summer  you will
find lots of hair, as they shed there winter coat.  Don't forget to use your nose!  A
herd of elk smells like a herd of cattle.  I often smell them before I see them.