The engineer of the animal world and  the largest rodent of north America. The Beaver
lives in ponds, rivers and lakes. In small streams the beaver will build a dam to back up
the water to give him a place to search for food and to escape from predators. They
will build lodges in the middle ofthese ponds to live in and raise their young.  Not all
beavers will build dams and lodges. In areas that have deep water or rapidly changing
water levels they will dig holes in the bank of the river and live in these dens. A perfect
beaver track is hard to find because of his dragging tail or the vegetation that he drag
behind him to the waters edge. Look for limbs that have been striped of their bark or
has been cut at a 45 degree angle. They get very active in the fall as they store away
food they need for the winter. In the spring they will build mounds of mud (scent
mounds) and mark it with castor (beaver scent) to mark their territories.