Woodsman Tarp Tent - $249
The Woodsman Tarp Tent is the most practical and durable tarp that the solo explorer can own.  
These tarps are custom made to our specifications, exclusively for our customers.  It can be
pitched in numerous ways but was specifically designed to be set up as a pyramidal or tarp tent.
View Set Up Tutorial)  It was also uniquely designed to be pitched as a lean-to, A-frame,
diamond or used as a bedroll.  Each one of these has it advantages depending on weather and
terrain.  Our tarps are made from custom made tight woven 7 oz canvas that is marine grade,
preshrunk, treated for water repellency and mildew resistance with Sunforger, the industry
benchmark for canvas treatments. Our fabric is also treated with flame retardant to CPAI-84
standards.   It is the closest canvas to Egyptian canvas that you will find.  All stress points are
heavily reinforced and made to last for years of exploring.  color is white.
New Larger Size: 10' x 13'
"I just wanted to thank you again and tell you that upon first examination, the quality of this tarp exceeds
my every expectation.  I mean, this is solid, quality made stuff.  I'm ecstatic!  Thanks man!" - Brian
"Hello, had to send a message to say how happy I am with the tarp tent.  It’s amazing!
I am now living in it all the time."  -  John (United Kingdom)
Our new 7 oz. tight weave canvas is in!
Will Ship in 2 weeks.