Pyramid Tent
When it is time to make camp, a simple and efficient tent is ideal.  To start, these tent are constructed with
custom made tight woven 7 oz canvas that is marine grade, preshrunk, treated for water repellency and
mildew resistance with Sunforger, the industry benchmark for canvas treatments. The fabric is also treated
with flame retardant to CPAI-84 standards.   It is the closest canvas to Egyptian canvas that you will find.
There are D-rings attachments on all outside walls so you can increase the inside space or help anchor
the tent in bad weather.  The door is zippered shut with a heavy duty #10 nylon coil zipper that is
concealed with a 6” over lapping weather flap that can also be tied shut from the inside and out.  The tent
can be pitched with bi-poles from the beefy looped peek or with a single pole on the inside when you need
it up in a hurry. A snap hook is sewn into the inside to hang a lantern or to dry clothes.  There are stake
loops on all four corners, one in the middle of each wall and one on each corner of each door wing.  This
allows you to stake the door wings strait out to act as a wind brake.  There is a 12" coated nylon sod cloth
sewn on all four sides of the tent to seal any gaps from uneven ground and in winter the flaps are turned
out to anchor the tent with snow shoveled onto the flaps.   The coated nylon keeps the sod cloth from
absorbing moisture and  freeze to the ground.
Size: 8' x 8' x 7'
Weights 10 lbs.
Color: Natural White
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