Tarp Tent Set Up
A tarp makes a wonderful shelter for the solo explorer.  The Woodsman tarp is designed to be set
up many different ways but one of its specific designs is the pyramidal or tarp tent.   When set up
in the tarp tent configuration, with closed wings, you will have a floor space of 6' X 7 1/2' and will
be 6' at the peek.  The door wings can be positioned in numerous ways which will give you options
depending on weather or personal preference.  A fire built in front will fill the space with light,
warmth, and help keep the bugs away.  The following is a picture tutorial of this basic set up.  
Next, on the side of the tarp locate the third loop up and pull it over until it is directly
in line with the back stake if you want to close the wings.   Position the loop slightly
further out for a wider front.  Fold the corner under the tarp.
Do the same for the other side.  Tie your poles to the loop peek and lift the tarp up.
Two 9 1/2 foot poles are needed for this set up or it can be tied off to a tree if
positioned directly in front. A single pole can also be used.
Close it up by staking the two
wings together.
Pass one loop through the other and
pin it with a stick for a half open door.
Lift the poles and angle them back 3 feet from the front stake.  The poles will line up with
the D-rings.  Tie off the D-ring to pull out the tarp sides and to help secure the pole.  Stake
A single pole can be used if you
need it up in a hurry.
Wings can also be staked to the    
Wings can be pulled out in front to
be use as a wind brake or for shade.
Stake the front wider then the back and tie
the wings back for a wide open front.
Start by staking the back edge of the tarp down
using 3 stakes.  The corners will be left loose.
The lay out and attachment
points of the Woodsman Tarp.
Different Front Configurations:
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