A - Frame
Start by laying the tarp out flat and
staking one of the 9 foot sides
Fold 3 feet of the tarp under itself
to make the canvas a 9' x 9' square.
Lift up each set of poles until tarp is taunt.
The poles will line up along the edge of the tarp when lifted.  Using the loops 3
and 6 feet up the edge of the canvas tie off to the poles.  A support stick can be
added to the back to help support the canvas or tie of the D-ring in the back.
Tie a set of pole in the center of the
tarp on each end just like the tarp tent.
top and lift up.
Next, pull the other side over until roughly 7
feet apart and stake down.  
Stake two sides to the desired width. The top loop,
two D-rings, and bottom loop should all line up.
The basic Lean-to set up can be use
easily as well.
The traditional A frame is most commonly set up with a ridge pole or ridge line
but can also be set up using 4 poles.  It is also easily converted into a lean-to.
A Frame
There you have it.  A snug bedroll securely
fastened with plenty of canvas to be pulled
over your head if needed.
Our tarps are designed to be folded into a traditional cowboy bedroll.
Next, at the foot of the bedroll fold 3' of the tarp
over your feet. Line up the loops and tie off.
Start by laying out your tarp and add your
bedding in the center.
Next, fold 3' of the tarp over your bedding.
This will expose two of the D rings.
When the tarp is folded up you will have 5 layers
of canvas over your feet and 2 over your body.
Last, fold over the other side, lining up loops
and D rings.  Tie them together.
This classic set up will provide you with a lot of room when needed.   The easiest
set up method is to tie the peek directly to a tree but poles are always an option.
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