One of the most enjoyable times when out exploring the woods are the relaxing times in camp preparing a hot meal over
a fire.  Cooking over an open fire does take some practice but one needs for the preparation of a good meal for two
people. A frying pan, 2 pots of various sizes, water bottle, a mixing spoon, one spatula, knife, and a reflector oven. In
addition, two bowls, 2 cups ,2 sporks, and don't forget the leather gloves.

Everything should be able to nest inside of each other for compact storage and kept in its own bag.  It's best to
designate one of the pots as the water pot.  It's only job will be heating water and must have a good fitting lid to keep
out the ash.  The frying pan should have sides two or three inches high. The high sides keep the food in the pan, and it
also doubles as a baking pan.  A utensil roll  is a great way to keep all your cooking utensils organized and excisable. It
should have a loop at the top to be able to hang it next to the fire where you are cooking.  Sew pockets inside to hold
the mixing spoon, spatula, sporks, knife, or anything else you may need handy.  The whole thing can be rolled up and
tied for quick storage.  There are a number of ways to bake using a fire but the reflector oven is one of the  easiest.  
You’ll set it up about a foot away from the fire.  The heat from the fire reflects from the bottom and from the top creating
an oven.  The temperature is adjusted by moving it closer or further from the fire as needed.  Nothing is more delightful
then eating fresh baked rolls as you sit next to the fire.

Now that we are equipped to cook, let us look at the set up of the kitchen. The first order of business is to get the fire
going.  Second, find a pole about six feet long and cut a notch in one end.  This will be for hanging your pot of water
on.  Lay the stick over a rock or log so that the notched end is over the fire.  The weight of the other end of the stick
should off set the weight of the kettle.  If it does not, place a rock on it or jam it in to the ground. Next pull out your
cooking gear and stake your utensil roll where you can easily reach it.  Fill the kettle with water and place the wire
handle over the notch in the stick. Then cut two green sticks about 2″ in diameter to place over the fire. Once the fire
has burned down to coals, place the green sticks parallel with each other and about 4″ above the fire. This will act as
your grill to place your pots and frying pan on. A small light wire grill can be added to the cook kit and used in place of
the sticks.   After you have cooked your meal, build the fire back up, set up the reflector oven and start on dessert or
tomorrows bread.
Camp Kitchen
The following are tips that will help with your camp cooking.

  • Make sure that your pots have a wire handle on top to hang them over the fire.  

  • Place marks on the inside of one of your cups showing the measurements ¼ cup all the way up to a full cup.

  • Wood ash from the fire is great for cleaning pots and pans.

  • Keep the outside of your pots and pans black to absorb heat.

  • Leather gloves should fit loosely so you can throw them off easily if your hands get hot.